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  2. BMI, Waist Circumference, Physical Activity, and Risk of Hearing Loss in Women
    2013 - USA

    Higher BMI and larger waist circumference are associated with increased risk, and higher physical activity is associated with reduced risk of hearing loss in women.

  3. The Relationship Between Trees and Human Health
    2013 - USA

    The loss of trees to the emerald ash borer increased mortality related to cardiovascular and lower-respiratory-tract illness.

  4. The Value of Countryside and Visitor Management Services
    2013 - Scotland

    The social return from investing in providing countryside and visitor management services in the Pentland Hills Regional Park is about £9 for every £1 invested.

  5. The Psychosocial Benefits of Participation in Sport for Children and Youth
    2013 - Australia

    Team sport is associated with improved health outcomes compared to individual physical activities, due to the social nature of the participation.

  6. Quantifying the contribution of neighborhood parks to physical activity
    2013 - USA

    Parks play a significant role in supporting vigorous physical activity (VPA) and a modest role in MVPA among people living within 1.0 miles of a park.

  7. Exercise programs for people with dementia
    2013 - England

    There is promising evidence that exercise programs can have a significant impact in improving ability to perform activities of daily living (ADLs) in older people with dementia.

  8. The Social Benefits of Sport
    2013 - Scotland

    Sport improves physical and mental health and reduces health care costs. It also reduces anti-social behaviour.

  9. Two Pilot Studies of the Effect of Bicycling on Balance and Leg Strength among Older Adults
    2013 - Australia

    Cycling by healthy older adults is associated with significant improvements in measures of decision time, response time, and balance.

  10. The contribution of the arts and culture to the national economy
    2013 - England

    The arts and culture sector provides significant economic benefits to GDP, economic turnover, return on investment, employment, and tourism.

  11. Economic Impacts of the Wisconsin State Park System: Connections to Gateway Communities - USA

    Wisconsin state parks and trails are not only important drivers of local economic vitality across the state, but also provide additional economic value due to non-market goods, such as ecosystem...

  12. Longitudinal Effects on Mental Health of Moving to Greener and Less Green Urban Areas
    2013 - England

    Living in greener urban areas improves mental health.

  13. Local Parks Help Cool Down Urban Climate, German Researchers Find
    2013 - Germany

    Temperatures are half a degree lower in a park than in the adjacent heavily built-up neighbourhood.

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