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When new research is submitted

Feb 22, 2011

I'm always delighted when anyone sends a suggestion of new research for the Benefits databank. Here's what happens when you do:

First I check to make sure it isn't already in the Databank.

If not, I review the original article or report to ensure it fits the criteria:

  • published since 1997
  • evidence-based
  • adresses the personal, social, economic or environmental benefits of parks, recreation, sport, culture or active living.

If it does, it is usually added to the DataBank within a few days. I will assign a category and one or more outcome statements, topics and keywords, to make it easy to retrieve. All newly added research is initially featured on the home page of the Benefits Hub, and listed in the ACE Communities Bulletin. It may also be featured in the LINNews Ebulletin.

Finally, you should receive an acknowledgement to let you know that we have received your input and that it has been added to the Databank.

Occasionally I receive suggestions that don't meet the criteria for the Benefits Databank - they may be excellent informational documents but are not evidence-based, or they may address an aspect of the parks and recreation sector which is outside the "benefits focus" of the Databank. In that case they are added to the National Recreation Database on the LIN (Lifestyle Information Network web site.

Since LIN's mission is to support the exchange of information and expertise among leisure professionals, it provides an excellent home for the information that is broader than the Benefits movement.

So your suggestions are always welcome, and will always find a good home.

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  • Leisure Information Network (LIN)
  • Alberta Recreation and Parks Association

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  • Canadian Parks and Recreation Association (CPRAA)

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